Made You

by Loud?

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Recorded by Joe Reinhart
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe


released April 5, 2011



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Loud? Woodbridge, Virginia

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Track Name: Loud - Do They Speak English In What?
Moving on
is alot harder than I'm
letting on
Where i'm from
when you get close you run away
and you and me
we are standing face to face.
Let me know
if i've got more steps left to go
Out of spite
I'll never know what you think is right.
Track Name: Homewrecker
Won't wait up
i'm not old enough
to know what's going on.
Different beds in different rooms
you left an empty house
with empty shoes
You're just throwing me away
for different hands every day
i did not want to have to tell you
that i've been okay
Homewrecker, you are my pride.
What did i do to catch your eye?
Track Name: Salamander Party
I'm sure
by now you're fast asleep
under waves of restless seas
"don't you rescue me."
Tell them i'm dead.
By then I hope you're dead
It's not too late to save yourself
I'm not doing very well.
Track Name: Fuck You And Your Happiness/Who Wants To Climb High Five Mountain?
No reason to think I'm better
I just needed warmer weather
I can't believe it takes this long
you and i can't get along
actions, reactions
are what i am lacking
I can't decide if you have been acting
I can't be honest with what I am feeling
all that's apparent is
you have been stealing.
You never notice me
except when I've been asking
and I've been catching
these colds prevent me from straight thinking
you'll keep dying,I'll keep breathing
if you've believe it takes this long
thank fucking god we can't get along.